Laine is a high-quality Nordic knit & lifestyle magazine for knit folks. We cherish natural fibres, slow living, local craftsmanship and beautiful, simple things in life. Our intention is to inspire you to gather and share, to be part of a community of like-minded knitters, makers and thinkers from near and far. Knitting is more than just knit, knit, purl. It is a feeling.


Meet the Team – Tiia

Meet the Team – Tiia

What do you do in Laine?

I work as a communications assistant, which means that I do most of our customer and pattern support, moderate our Ravelry group and write the weekly newsletter and most of our journal posts. I also help Antti around the office, shipping orders, etc.

What's your typical work day like?

Every day is different, really, and that’s the fun of it! I usually start my mornings with a cup (or two) of coffee and going through my emails. After answering to the questions you guys have sent me, I check the Ravelry group and then plan a post to our Facebook page. I also run most of our test knits, and there’s usually one or two of those running at any given time. The rest of the day’s tasks really depends on how close we are to releasing the next issue. At the moment, for example, there’s also some proofreading and writing to be done before we send the next issue into print. Then when the magazines arrive I help carry and ship those around the world.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Laine?

Getting to interact with my favourite community every day. Knitfolk are the kindest, most inspiring group of people I know and they teach me something new every day.

What do you do when you're not working or knitting?

I’m finishing up my university studies next spring so that takes up a big chunk of my free time. I love to spend time home with my partner and our dog – taking walks, cooking or baking something delicious and watching movies. Next year I also want to go back to reading more – I was an avid reader before knitting took over my life!

Your favourite knitted garment so far?

A tough one! At the moment it must be my Afterparty sweater from issue 6. Knitted with the original yarn, it weighs next to nothing but is still so warm and cosy. I also love the Nagu Trad mittens I made for my partner last Christmas.

Your favourite Laine pattern?

Camille Rosselle’s Stalactite sweater from issue 4 is one of my many, many favourites. It looks stunning on everyone! Whitney Hayward’s Brackett hat is another favourite but I could name many more as well!

Which kind of yarns do you usually go for?

For the past year or two I’ve been drawn to more rustic wool yarns. There’s something safe and comforting about using Finnsheep or Kainuu Grey wool for example – they’re versatile and can be used for almost any project, and they’ll keep you warm for years and years to come.

Recommend a book/movie/artist?

Poet: Maya Angelou is one of my biggest inspirations, I even have a line from one of her poems tattooed on my left arm.

Movie: Christmas in Connecticut for some holiday cheer.

Tv series: I mainly watch British crime series but when I’m in the mood for something lighter Inside Number 9 works every time!

Our 2018 Favourites

Our 2018 Favourites

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